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Has this ever been you?

It is Monday morning and the whole family is running late. The bus is about to pick up the kids and they haven’t eaten anything yet. So you pour them a glass of no-sugar added, “all natural” grape juice and toss a breakfast granola bar their way. They made it onto the bus, and no one was late, WHEW! Thank goodness for pre-packaged “food.”

No time for breakfast meant no time to pack their lunch either, so your children ate school lunch that day, chicken nuggets, fake boxed mashed potatoes, a bun, fruit cocktail and chocolate milk. After school programs and sports keep your kids at school until 4:30, so they grab a granola bar and Gatorade from their backpack to keep their energy up.

Once all of the activities are over, mom is tired from driving all over the place and picking up the kids, so she throws in frozen pizza with a side of garlic bread with some skim milk. Then a bowl of Lucky Charms for a bed-time snack (they are made with “Whole Grains” now).

Does that sound like you?

Tuesday was a better day. Everyone had time for breakfast, so the kids had Honey Nut Cheerios (10 tsp sugar), Skim milk (3 1/2 tsp sugar) and a banana sliced on top (6 tsp sugar).

You packed a lunch of Lunch-ables turkey and cheddar (14.75 tsp sugar), Goldfish crackers (5 tsp sugar) and a juice box (6.75 tsp sugar).

The after-school snack was yogurt covered raisins (5 tsp sugar) and Gatorade (3.5 tsp sugar).

You had time to make dinner, so you made spaghetti (10.75 tsp sugar) with a side of garlic bread (5.5 tsp sugar), salad with fat-free French dressing (2.25 tsp sugar) and skim milk (3 1/2 tsp sugar) for dinner and fat-free frozen yogurt (9 1/2 tsp sugar) for dessert!

You think you did better today…but did you?

That comes to a total of 86 teaspoons of sugar in the blood for the day.


Do you know what a normal blood sugar level is? 1 cup? 2 cups?

NO, 1 TEASPOON of sugar is a normal blood sugar!

For adults, children, teens and babies, elevating blood sugar increases insulin. This causes a cycle of hunger and more sugar cravings as blood sugar drops

I feel terrible for the kids diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, maybe it is just too much sugar. We have helped tons of kids see big improvements with just diet changes alone! (CLICK HERE to get started)


Dr. Stephen Sondike, Program Director for NEW (Nutrition, Exercise and Weight Management) Kids Program at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, disagrees with the assertion that low-carb diets make kids sluggish.

He says the opposite is true. “Kids get tired when they eat a breakfast high in carbohydrates and their blood sugar drops at around 10:00 am.” Sondike says that a breakfast consisting of a bagel and a glass of orange juice—both high-carb items—causes a temporary spike in blood sugar for a high-energy early morning, but results in a mid-morning “crash” that leaves bodies listless and craving sugar.

“When you eat more sugar, your body makes less sugar, so you need more sugar,” Sondike explains. “The candy and coke makers love it when people eat high-carb breakfasts because they need that fix around 10:00 am when their sugar drops.”


We need to start healing our body with food so adult diseases don’t happen. We are too accepting to put a “Band-Aid” on our issues once the problem has already happened. We need to fix the source of the problems and stop eating so much sugar.

Insulin and its counterbalancing hormone, glucagon, are in charge of controlling metabolism. The word insulin may immediately call up an association with diabetes, and this is totally valid.

Controlling fuels in the blood (like blood sugar) is insulin’s most important job. Since it’s essential to get the sugar out of the blood and into the cells, the pancreas puts out a lot of insulin to quickly tamp down the blood glucose before it gets too high. But that results in a rapid drop of blood glucose which drives hunger hormones. You then eat again and the results is weight gain and more insulin resistance. If we start our children on a diet of high starch, they are in this cycle of hunger and eating every couple hours. This causes weight gain and eventually, their fat cells become overstuffed and resist insulin. They become type II diabetic.

Excess insulin causes a variety of other detrimental problems; it increases the production of cholesterol in the liver; thickens the walls of the arteries, causing high blood pressure; the kidneys retain salt and fluid; and it tells our fat cells to store excess starch and sugar. Insulin’s actions are countered by glucagon.

Glucagon alerts the liver to slow down triglyceride and cholesterol production, for the kidneys to release excess salt and fluid, to the artery wall to relax and lower blood pressure, and to the fat cells to release stored fat to be burned for energy. But insulin is a stronger hormone and when it is high, it suppresses glucagon’s actions. After a childhood of sugar and starch consumption, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance happens. This is why what we feed our children is so important.

What we eat controls the production of these hormones. In my recipes, you will control hunger and eliminate the need to eat every couple hours. You are full longer and have more energy throughout the day. This helps you shrink your fat cells and reverse insulin resistance. Once this healing occurs, the metabolic disturbances that the insulin resistance has caused will improve or disappear; triglycerides return to normal, blood pressure returns to normal, blood sugar stabilizes, and you can achieve a healthy body weight.

There’s no need to spend huge amounts of money on medications to put a “band-aid” over these problems. I have seen it time and time again with my clients; nutrition is key to a healthy body. You can pay the doctor, or you can pay the farmer.

Sure, it takes time planning and preparing meals, but we all make priorities with our time. When your kids attitude and grades improve (as well as YOU lose weight, feel great and look amazing), you will never regret the time you put into it!

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I would love for you to comment below to tell me and all of us your biggest back to school struggles!

We all need to work together and address the struggles that we deal with as parents.

“Thank you Maria! Our family is forever changed because of you!

Our girls are 13 & 15 we started keto as a family at the beginning of this year.  There has always been some ADHD and intense emotional type issues with our oldest.  She came to me after two months and said she never wants to feel like she used to again! 

We seriously have a whole new family! They are amazingly faithful and know they feel great and “cheating” has never been a consideration for any of us we made a two month commitment and then we said okay let’s do 6 months… we are now at 9 months and none of us want to go ever back. 

It’s been pretty amazing to watch it transform everyone in different ways. It takes serious self discipline but what an awesome thing to pack in their bags!  

Weight loss for my husband so far 70lbs, I’ve lost 40, our youngest lost 10 and our oldest gained 10 filling out perfectly. We have lost extreme inches, gained so much energy, mental clarity, hormonal balancing, moods/drama, restful sleep, non alarm early morning rises, the list just keeps going.  We are a keto family an we are loving watching the individual transformations! It’s So worth it. 💞” – Krissy

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