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NINJA Foodie Max Dual Zone Air Fryer Review

My review of the NINJA Foodie Max Dual Zone Air Fryer (AF400UK) including quick and easy family friendly air-fryer recipe ideas!

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Today I’m sharing my NINJA Foodie Max Dual Zone Air Fryer review. I was really pleased to be asked by Very to pick an air fryer from their amazing selection of air fryers to try out, and share the results with you here.

In the past I’ve had a Tefal Actifry air fryer, which I absolutely loved, and used several times a week for quite a few years until it finally gave up the ghost last year, so I was really excited to have the chance to add an air-fryer back into my kitchen gadget collection!

Whilst I loved my Actifry and would happily recommend it to anyone, I thought it would be good to try a different brand of air fryer, so I chose the NINJA Foodie Max Dual Zone Air Fryer, which has two large drawers so that you can cook two different recipes at once – perfect for family meals!

NINJA Foodie Max Dual Zone Air Fryer review - this air fryer has two drawers so you can cook two recipes at once

My air fryer arrived quickly from Very, and was well packed in a cardboard box so arrived in perfect condition. When I unpacked it, I was really impressed with how it looks – the drawers and body of the air fryer are black trimmed with shiny silver and it looks really classy, so I’m very happy to have it sat on my kitchen counter!

NINJA Foodie Max Dual Zone Air Fryer review - this air fryer has two drawers so you can cook two recipes at once

I was also really pleased with the size of the drawers – they look quite compact at first sight but they fit a really good amount of food in them – one drawer can easily fit a whole chicken and I’ve cooked a kilo of new potatoes in the other with room to spare.

Each of the two drawers comes with a removable crisper plate which is really easy to pop in and out as needed. This makes cleaning the drawers super easy too, they are dishwasher safe but the non-stick coating makes them a doddle to hand-wash quickly and easily too.

NINJA Foodie Max Dual Zone Air Fryer review - the two drawers have removable crisper plates for easy cleaning

The air fryer comes with a small recipe book to get you started, and I spotted chicken fajitas with spicy roast potatoes which seemed like a great recipe to start with. I used the cooking methods in the booklet but adapted my own recipes for them, which you’ll find links to further down this post.

NINJA Foodie Max Dual Zone Air Fryer review - cooking chicken fajitas and paprika roasted potatoes in the air fryer

This meal made use of both drawers at once, the fantastic Dual Zone technology and the sync setting which takes the juggling and guess-work out of cooking on multiple settings with different cook times.

Once you’ve added the ingredients to the drawers, you simply set the cooking program, temperature and cook time for each drawer, then press start, and they’ll automatically each start cooking at just the right times so that they’ll finish cooking at the same time – genius!

As well as the Sync setting, there’s also a match setting (great for bulk cooking!), in which both drawers cook using the same settings, temperature and time. And you can of course use the drawers individually, so if you just want to use one of them for a smaller meal, that’s fine too.

NINJA Foodie Max Dual Zone Air Fryer review - close up view of the controls

The NINJA Foodie Max Dual Zone Air Fryer has 6 cooking programs to choose from – max crisp, air fry, roast, reheat, dehydrate and bake, which makes it incredibly versatile for all your cooking needs. So far I’ve used the air fry and roast settings several times, including roasting a whole chicken alongside roast potatoes (recipes to follow!) which was absolutely amazing, though I say so myself!

I’m really looking forward to trying the dehydrate setting too, as I’ve wanted to buy a dehydrator for years but have never been able to justify the cost of it on it’s own! I’ll be sure to report back when I’ve tried it.

You’ll find a few family friendly air fryer recipes here on the Eats Amazing blog – just click on the links below to be taken to the individual recipes:

How to make easy chicken fajitas in the air-fryer - child friendly family recipe

Easy Air Fryer Chicken Fajitas

Prawn & Mango Curry

How to make easy paprika roasted new potatoes in an air fryer - easy side dish recipe

Paprika Roasted New Potatoes

Sweet Potato Curly Fries

Easy Potato Wedges

Overall I’m really impressed with the NINJA Foodie Max Dual Zone Air Fryer. I love how much space there is in the drawers and the fact that you can cook two different recipes at once, so it’s perfect for cooking both a main and a side dish for family meals. I’m also really impressed with the range of cooking options and with how easy it is to use.

I’m finding the need to shake the drawers every now and again when cooking a bit of a nuisance after owning an Actifry, which turns the food automatically, but this is a small price to pay for the other fantastic features.

I’ve found a space for my new air fryer to live permanently on my kitchen counter, which is an impressive endorsement in itself, as my kitchen is pretty small so I’m very picky about what gets to stay out!

As well as their fantastic range of fryers and air fryers, Very also sell a really wide range of electricals of all kinds, so be sure to check them out!


Disclosure: This blog post was commissioned by Very.  I received an air fryer and was compensated for my time, however all opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

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