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Easy Fakeaway McDonalds Breakfast Recipes

Save money by making a cheaper fakeaway McDonalds style breakfast at home with these quick and easy fakeaway breakfast recipes!

In my house, a cheeky McDonalds breakfast is a real guilty pleasure of ours. It’s something that we all enjoy and so although I probably shouldn’t admit it out loud here on the blog… we do love the occasional McDonalds breakfast treat at the weekend!

With the cost of living getting ever tighter though, I’ve been looking for ways to save money on our food bills. Cutting down on our occasional takeaway treats and replacing them with homemade versions is a good place to start, as it will save cash whilst we still get to enjoy some of our favourite food treats. 

I plan to share several easy fakeaway recipes here on the blog to help others in the same boat, and today, after lots of delicious recipe testing, I’m sharing several of our quick and easy McDonalds breakfast fakeaway recipes. I will admit that nothing quite beats the real thing though, but these recipes do come very very close!

To give you an idea of the possible money savings, I’ve broken down the cost per item based on current prices in Tesco, purely because that’s the closest supermarket to me and the one that I use most frequently. You may be able to cut down on costs even more by shopping around. Please note that prices are current as of today, the 8th September 2022, but may change after I publish this.

As I have multiple breakfast recipes for you, I’ll share an overview of all our fakeaway McDonalds Breakfast recipes here on this page and you can click through on the individual recipe names for the full recipes and detailed costing breakdowns.

Fakeaway Sausage and Egg McMuffin Recipe

Restaurant price: £2.79

Homemade price: 86p

Easy Sausage and Egg McMuffin Fakeaway Recipe

Fakeaway Bacon and Egg McMuffin Recipe 

Restaurant price: £2.79

Homemade price: 80p

How to make a McDonalds Fakeaway Bacon and Egg Muffin - quick and easy breakfast recipe

Fakeaway Egg McMuffin Recipe

Restaurant price: £2.39

Homemade price: 44p

Quick and easy Egg Muffins recipe - save money with this fakeaway McDonalds breakfast idea

Fakeaway Cheesy Bacon Flatbreads Recipe

Restaurant price: £1.49

Homemade price: 61p

These quick and easy fakeaway McDonalds breakfast cheesy bacon flatbreads make a great weekend breakfast or brunch

Other breakfast menu items that don’t need a recipe:

Hash Browns

Restaurant price: £1.09

Homemade price: 10p

(based on a bag of Tesco 15 frozen hash browns at £1.50)

Orange Juice

Restaurant price: £1.49 

Homemade price: 25p

(based on Tesco orange juice at £1 per litre)

I hope this has been a helpful resource for you! I do plan to create a few more recipes to add to this post, so if you have a favourite McDonalds breakfast item that I haven’t yet shared here, do comment below with your requests and I’ll do my best to create a homemade version for you.

For more easy and delicious breakfast ideas the whole family will love, check out our Family Friendly Breakfast Recipes section.

Happy breakfasting!


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