About Us

I remember today that my parents worked very hard during my childhood to maintain a big house and three young children. At the age of eight, I decided that I would please my mother and do the cooking for her. I made my first soy chops in my life! They were so hard … You could barely chew them. But from that moment my adventure with the kitchen began. As a teenager, making dinner for all five of us was my household chores. I owe the taste to the male line from my mother’s side – wonderful fragrances hovered at my grandfather’s house. He weighed more than 130 kg, so he had to eat. He always cooked for the whole street, all the neighbors came to him and enjoyed delicious smells and flavors.
I graduated from gastronomic school especially to learn something theoretical about cuisine and its traditions.
At the age of 16, I did my first internship at a restaurant. Since then, I have climbed the career ladder, starting with the dishwasher, vegetable peeler, helper, cook, and finally becoming a chef. I learned my professional skills from the best in my region, in one of the prestigious restaurants in Wrocław. I had the pleasure of working under the watchful eye of foreign chefs, in London or Oslo. Pretty soon I realized that the kitchen is my passion. I love cooking, I love to see people taste my tastes, I cheer when I see a smile on their faces and delight. However, I found that a person cannot live by passion alone. The cuisine is great, but only a second chef will understand the sacrifice that each day in the restaurant brings. Overtime, time pressure, mental and physical fatigue. Thanks to this, I found that each of us has the right to live after work and to be proud of our profession – Yes. It is an honor to practice this profession. Hence the idea for clothes for chefs after work. Hope you like our ideas. In conclusion, I would just like to thank the people who make me where I am today.
Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Wife, Son – I thank you with all my heart for shaping my life.

What we work with ?

Tounge – a cook’s work tool. A wonderful product of nature, armed with about 10,000 taste buds. A complex organ that has given man the opportunity to learn about life through taste. From an early age, children communicate with the world using flavors delivered every few moments. Then we also learn to perceive the world with the use of everyone. The greatest gift for a cook is getting to know a new flavor, recreating it and making people happy on their plate. What else do you need for the kitchen? Outfit! But not an ordinary one … Only one that illustrates our personality. You can find such things in our store.

Our history

2000- The first home-cooked dinner that gave my parents pleasure and started my adventure with gastronomy.
2008- I am starting my education in one of the best gastronomy schools in my country.
2012 – Commencement of the first work in the restaurant, on the dishwasher.
2013- The first contact with real gastronomy as a chef’s assistant.
2014- I became a real flesh and blood cook. Pride filled the family after another promotion.
2015- Trip to Great Britain. starting work in a London restaurant.
2017- Return to the home country and start working as a cook.
2018- Promotion to a chef in a prestigious restaurant.
2022 – Working in a prestigious hotel in Norway under the leadership of the best people in their profession.
2022, June – Work on Hellschef begins.
The following years – the great unknown. Although I am ready for more adventures!

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